Calling all creators~

You deserve to explore, expand and play in new spaces … especially if the only major footprint left behind is a wonderful piece of your heart; your artwork. There are numerous opportunities for those to travel the globe, meanwhile gifting your creative dedication to these walls that are bare and in need of your imagination! Go out there and seek your inspiration; It’s awaiting YOU.

In third world countries, such as Indonesia, they will host you (depending on villa- owner) so long as you are willing to contribute to their environment. They understand what the beauty of art brings to their community, as it evokes inspiration and most of all, smiles. This idea has exploited artists from all over the world, allowing their work to be seen and appreciated. Anywhere from children schools, hostels, downtown districts, or street art that has just been begging for some color.

Gustavo Adolfo, a traveling artist enjoys painting in the company of beautiful surroundings, while also giving back to these local villages. Check out more of his universal message and visionary artwork (click here)








Gift the world your source-given talents. Your art is needed more than you can imagine. To see through the eye of another’s mind, lies many stories, that are just waiting to be told. Not to mention, the revelation it invokes in other creative beings to seek out and exercise their own unique, natural abilities. If you are interested in looking further into these volunteer opportunities and what they offer, click here.

>> I personally recommend (my favorite style of coming across great adventures) is to let spirit guide you into the right direction. Take a leap of faith and just GO! Travel to your most desired places and see what comes through for you. Greet people with a smiling face, paint brush or pencil in hand, and open up to the vast possibilities within simply being with your art. As others notice your capabilities you can then submit your offers and see what’s to come. <<

Namaste, and safe journeys. : )