“I’m starting to feel like I am starting understand the meaning of the word forever,” says K Sos, front man for Miami’s multi genre outfit The Hoy Polloy. “I literally feel like I have been trying to climb out of the ‘rabbit hole’ my entire life.”

Sos sits on a couch whose purchase year was likely the late 80’s, while twisting up a J in his signature style friends know as the ‘dog leg’. Across from him guitarist Juan “La Mano” Lamiero carefully tunes his guitar, which he claims “means more to him than his teeth”

The two have been in bands, groups and you know name it, separately for over a decade until fate brought them together in July of 2013. “I met these dudes on Craigslist” says La Mano. I had just moved back to the States and was looking for somebody to jam with, I never knew that it would go this far.”

“For the first few months, we didn’t really know what to think of him” says Sos. “I would pick him up from the bus stop, he was very quiet, I really wasn’t sure if there was a whole lot there. I soon discovered just how important he would be to the sound, and how deep this guy goes.”

The band just released their second EP Ferret Winter in February.  The 6 song mini album is literally a mind fuck of genre differentiation. A critic who recently reviewed the album stated if you were to listen to each song separately you would never claim that this is all the same band. “I like to think that is the biggest compliment we could receive,” says Sos “because that is literally the reason I started this band to begin with.

“Sos had never played the bass before he started this band, and Panther (the band’s ostentatious drummer) had barely ever held a pair of drum sticks, but you just knew there was something there” says Francisco Padilla, the band’s keyboard player who joined in March of 2013. Coined as “The Ferret” Padilla, is the building block behind many of the album’s heavy jams including most recent single “Centerfold”

The song is based on a true story, of a gig the band played at Kill Your Idol, on South Beach last fall. “A super cutie was sitting in the audience with her boyfriend during the show and all I could think about was damn that should be my chick” says Sos. The next morning at practice the band’s new jam all of a sudden became “And I’m staring at your chick, why can’t we all get a centerfold?”. As they often do La Mano and Sos decided to co-opt the singing over this riff intensive pop song that Sos believes may finally be the song to push them over the edge.

It is evident the band is tense about having started the Hoy so late, as all members (within one year of each other ironically) approach 30. “There is one thing that we all still believe will be the catalyst to our ultimate success” says Panther “and that is the fact that no other band has done or is doing what we are doing”. He refers to how the band literally switches from Queens of the Stone Age rock to Roots like Hip Hop to 8 minute psychedelic journey’s in Spanish within the span of just three songs in their set list. “People don’t believe it the first time they see Sos rap,” says Panther “they just can’t believe a guy who looks like that, rhymes so well.”

Sos whose love for hip hop dates all the way back to his high school days was part of No Ordinary Cats, an Orlando based hip hop group, for five years in his early twenties. The group toured most of Florida culminating in a Vitamin Water sponsorship, opening slot for Ludacris, and Florida tour with Curren$y before ultimately falling apart in late 2012.

“No one in my previous band wanted the same thing; so we were kind of doomed to collapse from the get go. I learned so many valuable lessons from my time with them.” Sos replies, who worked alongside business partner Justin Davenport, founder of Skinny Buddha Clothing, who represented the group up until their 2012 collapse. “I owe so much to Skinny Buddha, he believed in us when no one thought we had anything, that’s the type of stuff you never forgot. We are all still very close despite life taking us separate ways,” Says Sos. Former N.O.C. member K.D. appears on K Sos’s new hip hop solo LP “The Noisiest Passenger” due out in July.

Sos started the Hoy Polloy to make sure that what happened last time would not repeat itself again. “There has never been a band like us, but there will be a dozens who try to follow the format after we make it to the big stage,” says Sos. “They probably won’t be able to though.”

Fans are often confused about why Sos undertakes such rigorous solo projects in the wake of being so content with his current band. “I tell people there is no way, until our jobs solely revolve around music that the band could undertake all the songs I write. My addiction to writing songs is more intense than any high you can get from even the strongest drugs and I’d know because I’ve done most of them,” Sos laughs.  “For my new LP I wrote 39 songs, of which only 11 made it on the album and 20 of which probably no one will ever hear.”

“When it comes down to it The Hoy Polloy is my family.  I don’t cheat on my family, I just like to separate myself sometimes to see what else my brain can conceive. They all know its not a personal thing, it’s a survival thing.” Says Sos. “I must constantly be writing just to feel some sense of sanity”. Sos realizes the addiction continues to intensify and sometimes totally removes him from the outside world in order to satisfy it. “One of my best friends has invited me out on his boat like over 2 dozen times, I haven’t been once. I am always writing songs. That and performing I love more than everything else in this world combined.”

Their home studio/practice space in Miami Shores has become like a sanctuary. Most all the songs have been written there and they will be until the band finds a way to replace the tranquility they experience while playing there together. “We all know we are working toward a larger more comfortable spot to work,” says La Mano, “but its going to be hard to duplicate the magic that floats through the air at Cheateau Sosa, Sos has made it a home to all of us.”

The best part about this band culminates in their live performance. Which if given a chance should not be missed. I could go on for another two or three pages about this band and the story just gets deeper as this storty gets more interesting, but for now, without further ado, I present to you their latest video release “Centerfold”.


– Fluffy Weinstein

Pandering International