Throughout my personal travels, I seek to find the different– the DARING – and the inspirational, amongst the art scene.


Caro Caroo

This year, I finally made it out to the artist haven ..Burning Man! In the midst of my journeys here, I was walking past central camp (where many artists work are displayed) and noticed one in particular that I also came across previously at Envision Festival, Costa Rica. 


Brad Rhadwood

When I initially saw this work in Costa Rica, a huge smile swept across my freckled face as I couldn’t stop looking at all of the details within! It was a silly sloth created from wood, “how funky and unique”, I thought to myself. I was totally enamored by his mixed media and visionary tool the use of the natural elements.


Seeing his art for the second time at Burning Man, I couldn’t help but giggle with joy, as I observed what his art invoked- laughter, awe and true appreciation for natures art!


Brad Rhadwood & Caro

I began to point this RAD artwork out to my partner, realizing the artist, Brad Rhadwood and his friend/ main artist collaborator- Carolina Galleran were standing right in front of us! Because I felt this creative act was genius.. In this moment, I knew I wanted to connect and celebrate their passions.

caro caro

Carolina Galleran





I aim to share creativity on this platform in hopes it will invoke something beautiful, in Y O U ! 


After doing some personal research on Brad’s artwork and nomadic lifestyle, I curated an interview between Rhadwood and myself, to follow up on our run-in:

Sammi: As a traveling artists, what drew you to burning man, what did you value about it & how do you think it could improve?

Brad: Burning Man is the Mecca of our festival culture. It’s the place  for me let go of most of the responsibilities I carry at other festivals throughout the rest of the year. The idea of making something for the sake of enjoyment. “Art for art’s sake” recalibrates my gears to the original setting of “have fun.” As far as improvements go, I could see a shift to more sustainable and less greenhouse gas emissions. One idea is to disassemble one of the giant installations and rebuild it into a homeless shelter or something for one of the local communities.    woodheart

Sammi: What kind of “wood cheer” have you seen on your woodland missions?

Brad: Everyone resonates with wood on some degree. Maybe it’s inGRAINed in our nature. I see wood as an ancestor that’s looked after us since the beginning and now it’s time for us to return the favor!

Sammi: Tell us more about your word whispering workshops, where can we find you?.. besides epic festivals?

Brad: I’m in full nomadic constant tour mode for the next few years so unless I am staying on your couch, festivals art the best bet. I have taught at some public schools a few times and try to make an effort to chime in to the schools if I know I will be in area for a little while. I am also part of an art collective in Canada called Wood Vibe Tribe and we are putting together a video channel to share tutorials online for free.

 Sammi: To many people art is therapy, do you see potential for 14908309_2013738272186004_2655775778286253418_nhealing through working with wood?

Brad: Absolutely! I want to make Wood Whispering accessible to everyone and offer it as an exercise and tool to use in art therapy. I find the wood can be an excellent mirror to peer into ones inner state or subconscious. What one sees in the wood is usually a reflection on their inner state, similar to the ink tests the psychologists use to test patients. Touching anything natural can also be very grounding and have a calming effect. Until the power tools turn on at least!

Sammi: What are your five favorite tools that are most handy while wood- working/arting?


  1. Band Saw (fast, quiet, cutting out shapes)
  2. Orbital palm sander
  3. Sand paper in general (I use it to blend color and erase mistakes)
  4. Cordless nailer
  5. Cordless buffer (great for massage)


Extra credit question~

Sammi: What is in your kitchen drawer right now?

Brad: I don’t have kitchen drawer right now but if I did there wood be all the things and some Japanese knives!


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