It’s true, nature does encourage and stimulate creativity, just ask Phil Lewis, inspiring visionary and innovative artist. Developing a stable storefront in Boulder, Colorado, Phil has become a prominent part of Pearl street, as his colorful presence has been truly significant. Crafting local events as well as showcasing his current work, Phil is setting the tone for an era of new-age artisans – setting up shop, along Boulder’s downtown, booming streets.

Wolf Song

About the Artist:

Phil lewis is originally from Montreal, Canada. Shortly after he was born, he then moved to San Francisco with his family. At a young age, Phil began adventuring and exploring some of our West Coast’s most pristine nature, settling down along Lake Tahoe. The Earth’s natural beauty here and his active endeavors, such as snowboarding, deeply impacted him, and would further support his artistic evolution.

After graduating from Colorado College in 2001, he found his niche in visual/ digital artwork. He decided to move to Hollywood, California to join his brothers band “Storytime”, meanwhile, recognizing the potential of digital creative skill, while incorporating it into their posters and album covers.

In 2008, the brothers decided to take a break from making music, and follow their own individual passions! Since then, Phil has undertaken the full-time artistic adventure. Catch him if you can! I’ll give you two hints: You can either find him on tour during festival season, or taking care of his studio and art gallery, in Boulder! 

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Visit the location!:

2034 Pearl St. Boulder, Colorado