The meaning behind the interactive artistic collective “Moksha”, varies between schools of Indian religions. In sanskrit, Moksha is defined as freedom, and liberation. It is also a concept that means liberation from rebirth or otherwise known as saṃsāra.

An excerpt from The Moksha Family mission statement:

“The art brings us closer to cultural and spiritual freedom”.

juan carlos

Artist: Juan Carlos

The EXPERIENCE within Moksha Family Arts Collective is liberation and enlightenment through their visionary music and art performances. Allowing those to embrace their cultural eclectic styles, as they honor and open space for these gatherings, a celebration of consciousness if you will. The Moksha Family experience is based out of Miami, but is also a traveling team – expanding the love as often as they can. At an event soon near you! Calling in and featuring international artists, such as Chris Dyer, Alex and Allyson Grey, Randall Roberts at their Art Basel 2015 event “Return To The Dreamtime”.

Artist: Alex Grey

Artist: Chris Dyer


Chris Dyer (left) Alex Grey (right)










It wouldn’t be an orgasmic party, if not for the epic live music they ALSO incorporate. There recent event at Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival featured DJ’s such as The Galactic Effect: Bringing in a cinematic twist to Electronic music. Live bands like Telekinetic Walrus: an experimental collective that creates a funky, psychedelic hip-hop, and electronic experience. Just to give you a taste of what they’re working with!

Galactic-Effect-300x300 Telekinetic-Walrus-227x300

Ray Orraca, producer of Moksha Family Arts Collective continuously exercises his passion for bringing together these special events, allowing the artist and music family to connect, expand and execute! Skinny Buddha Company, also a (like-minded) artist collaborator, supports and respects what this production does to make this a reality for so many, seeking to express their beloved creations.

Ray Orraca, Moksha Producer

Ray Orraca, Moksha Producer

Moksha Family and Arts Collective: An ever-growing magical community of talent and an epitome of unique, creative mastery. We thank YOU!

eva ruiz

Artist: Eva Ruiz

olivia curry

Artist: Olivia Curry