“We tend to like it when people judge a book by its cover” replies Hoy Polloy frontman and co-founder K Sos, “It makes it more gratifying to blow their minds with something they didn’t expect.”

The band is all set to release their new EP “Ferret Winter” on their label Licking Toads February 6th, a mix of pop rock, hip hop, psychedelic folk and an eight minute epic sung in Spanish by Hoy guitarist, Juan “La Mano” Lamiero.

“Each band member personifies their own animal, “ says Panther, the band’s drummer whose “Dancing with the Panther EP” from last year made waves on the local scene thanks to lead single “King”.  “We all feel that Frankie (the band’s keyboardist and occasional bassist) at the time was making the most defining contributions to the music, so it only made sense that the EP representing his animal would come next.” Ferret Winter is the second of their four part EP series based around this theme.

Their lead single is “Houdini” a psychedelic folk rocker about finding love in a city of plastic. It takes you a moment to realize that Panther is playing the drums, acoustic guitar and the harmonica simultaneously. Equally confusing but seamless is Sos who plays keys and saxophone, turning the bass over to the Ferret while La Mano leads them on the tambourine.

“Houdini is a one off; it’s the only song from our catalog with this vibe and will be equally difficult to emulate” says Ferret, who first scouted the Miami Marine Stadium where the majority of the video was shot, an abandon and heavily tagged site on Key Biscayne with a beautiful view of downtown Miami. The Stadium was open to spectators for boat races and concerts from the late 60’s until the early 90’s. Many local celebrities have fought to preserve the site.

The band is excited to release this song in particular, which Panther refers to as a pivotal turning point in the bands song writing. “Houdini” is the music video debut for director Gabe Gibson, whom La Mano suggests accurately captured the feeling of the song. The follow up single and video “Centerfold” is set to be released on Valentine’s Day which Sos says “is a beautiful day to release a song about stealing chicks.”


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