There is a funky foursome crew and they are headed to a town near you! The Hoy Polloy, our allies and one of our favorite musically gifted groups are on a national tour, journeying into the unknown to explode your perceptions and taste in the music industry. Envisioned and produced originally by K Sos, back in the heat of Miami summer 2012, The Hoy Polloy has tremendously transformed. From playing local shows at venues like Churchill’s to Jazid in 2013, to recently debuting their fifth album release in May 2017. They have certainly metamorphosed into a flowering quad of passionate talent. Though the road is rocky, they have continuously proved to make it back to the top: between finding the perfect fit of band mates, to really digging deepy into their unique genres – the blues, psychedelic rock, hip hop, and even a spoonful of soulful latin flavoring. Skinny Buddha is exceptionally excited for them and their new endeavors, as we (no questions asked) will continue to endorse their genius art for the senses.


With their eclectic taste for color and sound, they recently came out with a new glowingly outlandish music video. Watch here.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 3.43.00 PM

They are currently rocking it out in San Diego, California. Have no fear, check their upcoming dates here. We look forward to seeing them on the other side (of the country) in Miami. If you haven’t checked them out yet, and this blog has given you an incentive to, we would highly suggest you do! They are on Spotify, and Pandora. Also make sure to check out their website, for weird videos, blogs and other fun inspiration they love to share.

Skinny Buddha wishes The Hoy Polloy the best time, and so much love on their ongoing – epic adventures.