I have been keeping my eye on Victoria Siemer’s (aka Witchoria) awesome artwork for a while now.  A graphic designer based out of Brooklyn, NY that creates stunning photo manipulations. From her series of photographs intertwined with geometric shapes to her landscape manipulations, she takes hold of ones reality by simply twisting and turning ones perspective on its side. The result creates a surreal effect touching on fantasy and magic. She describes her artwork in an interview with BLDG 25 saying “I think everyone has a mystical space where creativity lives, and that’s our imaginations. What’s wonderful is that I’ve managed to make a career out of using mine. I think that I’ve always had a fascination with the idea of magic, or superpowers, and digital manipulation has given me the ability to sort of create my own alternate realities where those things are possible.” Check out her website at to see her extremely creative as well as diverse portfolio. As well as instagram: @witchoria

Source: Artist Profile: Witchoria’s Ethereal Designs

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