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Magic wafts through the air as Art Basel is among us! There will be no shortage of vivid imagination and epic chaos as artists infuse the streets with their passionate creations. Indulge yourself in the galleries, overflowing with eclectic pieces and installations.. Dance your way into the open spaces which will have a variety of music acts/DJ sets, and if that’s not enough stimulation- live fire performances. A variety of vendors will also be dispersed, supplying you with their unique crafts. The task is simple: venture into this visionary wonderland and discover new pieces of artistic expressions that are laid out for your enjoyment! We are excited to announce that Skinny Buddha will be involved in the cultural madness again this year. Holding down the Wynwood Walls (Dec 3rd – 6th), in the epicenter of the Wynwood Arts District, Skinny Buddha will be showcasing their goods! Come by the booth, say hello and see what our company represents.


Skinny Buddha prides itself on supporting local artists, and their art forms, as we collaborate to bring their vision to life. Our mission is to give aspiring artists the opportunity to express their talents on a new medium- to the larger collective, while inciting creative minds amongst the community. We have recently co- created with our friend, and Fort Lauderdale artist, Brandon Koek. Koek’s designs are inspired by his inherent knowledge that humans, are no doubt, animalistic. Thus portraying similar roles and archetypes in our own environment, as wildlife does. We will be selling two of his latest shirt concepts for Skinny Buddha during Art Basel and look forward to sharing it with YOU! Wynwood Walls is directly across the street from Panther coffee (near the new Moksha venue). Witness what Art Basel has to offer and engage with us, as we love to meet new people and feed off of YOUR good energy. Essentially, we are all apart of the same fabric of creation ~ come weave your way into our web of light, love and art.

Written by : Sammi Benowitz

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