Hello and welcome to another SkinnyBuddha music showcase! Today we feature an artist out of Miami named K Sos. Some of you may already be tuned into his rhymes but for those of you just waking up, let me introduce him to you. K Sos has been a long running influence on the SkinnyBuddha team. He is also the lead singer of The Hoy Polloy.  I would like to make a list of his influences and over all style but I dont have years to dive into that black hole of never ending inspiration. K sos drops more music than average rapper so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for more music coming from this local artist.

Check out one of his music videos for the song “Lost in a cloud”. I am sure we have all been there. Be sure to like and share the video like a real SkinnyBuddha would. Be sure to follow Ksos on Soundcloud¬†