The notion that individuals can make a living off their creativity and skills is becoming a reality for more and more people due to the internet’s ability to expand communication. Our goal is to show the world what is being created in our region and to promote creative minds. We believe that art is a crucial part of a successful, positively evolving civilization. Our goal is to make local, quality art more accessible to the community. Events that showcase people’s art can inspire other creations as well as inspire community growth, but can not be successful without individuals that organize and individuals that contribute. Our goal is to support and create events that form communities of like minds.


In Buddhist faith, the Skinny Buddha represents one who is young, inexperienced and has not yet reached their goals, but who is constantly growing, learning, and striving to reach their aspirations. Although we are not practicing Buddhists, we believe this idea can apply to any human, no matter their faith, race, age, or heritage. We as a company, are indeed young and inexperienced, yet strive to grow and be a positive influence on our local community. Florida can be more than amusement parks and tourists traps. We want to help make Florida’s new image through culture, music, art, and bringing people together.