No matter what your major is at a university, there will always be lessons that can only be learned in the School of Life. In an increasingly competitive job market, companies are looking for graduates who have learned not only from their textbooks, but from the world around them. If you practice these crucial life skills while you’re still in school, you’ll be well-prepared for the world outside of college.

Network With Purpose:
Building a network doesn’t just mean forming relationships that will serve you professionally. Networking is about finding your tribe ~ people who inspire and challenge you and forming mutually-beneficial relationships with others.
Try one-on-one networking with older students, professors, and others in your field. Don’t be afraid to reach out; they were once in your position!

How To Communicate and Negotiate Well:
Communication isn’t just about being a good partner. It’s also about being a good business person, friend, and future leader. Equally important as knowing how to communicate is knowing how to negotiate for what you want. Mastering the art of negotiation can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the long run. And it’s one of those superpowers that can take years to hone. Learn to recognize your worth, so that when you get out into the real world, you’ll be able to negotiate a healthy starting salary.

The Importance of Travel:
Leaving your comfort zone and seeing other parts of the world is a vital part of growing up. Students who take a year out of school to travel ~whether out of the state or out of the country, find that this shapes them even more than college itself. Not sure if you can afford a year of luxury travel? Try volunteering or teaching abroad, or check out programs like WWOOFing. ALSO, If you can learn a new language, by all means, do it!


Remember: You can only GROW in your passions. I have met many beautiful, inspiring artists whom have just graduated and are now ready to soar! If there is any advice for an aspiring creative individual, I would highly suggest building these important skill-sets; the real “LIFE lessons”.