Advocating soul meets body, Jude Papaloko’s work is a simultaneous transcendence- expressing spirituality into unique art form. Papaloko, originally known as, Jude Thegenus, was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, as his native roots have refined his passion for his artistry. Papaloko’s deep-seated work is moved primarily by a spiritual force and conceived through a profound meditative space. Thus allowing him to open up portals within himself, bringing these visions to manifested existence. His inspiration is inextricably linked to Haitian identity, and the structure of the Lakou.


~A Lakou in Haiti represents: the intersection between land, the extended family, and it’s spiritual oncommings. As a symbol of liberty, under the oppression of slavery- it was not possible to maintain family tombs. As a spiritual link to ancestors, family cemeteries are an important part of the lakou structure. These cemeteries serve as a constant reminder of the importance of preserving community origins and the land it was built upon.


Papaloko strives to convey messages of these traditional worlds onto canvas, reminding those that we CAN see, feel, and hear this sacred connection. This style translates more than what meets the eye, as a rooted cultural influence~ births this art to life!


Papaloko has ALSO created a non-profit organization called Papaloko4kids, in 2004. As there is little- to- no art implementation within the children’s communities throughout Haiti, he’s strived to apply and rejuvenate this necessary expression. Helping the youth seek out empowerment through different languages- be it dance, music, or arts and crafts. Realizing, not only does this accentuate children’s self-growth, but they are desperately IN NEED of love and attention in all ways. Guiding these children towards exposing their talents in a positive environment, is one of the ways Jude gives back to the community of Haiti.


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