Hoxxoh’s style surpasses what the eyes can adjust to.

Merging our field of timelessness,


how we perceive reality

and it’s infinite dimensions. 


He questions time and space by skillfully showcasing his canvas as an art anecdote.

Emerging introspection and a quality of beyond be-ing.

hh                  paint

Art is undoubtedly a tool to look deeper into the psyche (internal realms) of Self, how we may relate to the Universe and its profound wisdom that unfolds, naturally. Displaying spontaneity and expression of imagination, is a sight to see. . .what is birthed from this place, is truly the ultimate masterpiece. Hoxxoh’s art is a product of what we can discover// design, when we step out of “time”, and use our craft ~ to embrace the mind’s eye.


Douglas Hoekzema, also known as Hoxxoh, is an artist based out of Miami, Florida and beautifully attributes to it’s landscape, by way of mural (stadiums, schools, highways) and incredible 2D pieces, for more personal reservations.

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To find out more on Hoxxoh’s whereabouts, events, or just to connect, find him on Insta! @hoxxoh. Peep his website for further updated work and contact information –


Skinny Buddha is a huge supporter of Hoxxoh’s work, and looks forward to the many dimensions yet to be traveled through.

“I love how I seriously feel like I can crawl right through his work, into another universe. It also reminds me of black holes, and I am a huge Sci Fi fan.” – Justin Davenport, CEO of Skinny Buddha Co.