Wow, what a beautiful time of the year. A time to not only digest and reflect.. but also look forward for what’s to come, given this new year to embrace a NEW chapter in our lives. The holiday season is more than just Christmas carols, and apple pie (although some would beg to differ), it’s a time to truly check in with our family, our friends… and most importantly ourselves. Remember to appreciate where YOU are now, and how far you have come in your accomplishments. We can’t help but always chase dreams/goals/desires.. so write a list of experiences in which you want to bring into your reality. Encourage your loved ones to do the same. Enjoy the abundance of holiday treats, smiles and good vibes : )

Cherishing all of our followers today and everyday, as many have become friends ➵ expanding our Skinny Buddha family!

Skinny Buddha wishes you a happy, healthy holiday. From our passionate hearts to yours <3


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the alluring FULL moon on Christmas! (The last full moon on this day was in 1977). The moon always ensures calmness and connection with all of our surroundings, blessing us with it’s mystical presence.