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There is no doubt about it – Miami breeds some of the most talented artists and musicians in the country. But when these two experiences meet: minds are expanded, bodies start moving and hearts create the capacity for even more beauty to set in. The ArtOfficial experience is like meeting a new person who you can’t believe you’ve ever lived without. Serving the world by igniting a brand new sense of style; emerging with a unique twist on modern day hip hop and instrumentals. Bending perspective by using and experimenting with every piece of their craft, to introduce, just the beginning of what IS possible when great minds synthesize.

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ArtOfficial has recently been performing and sharing their fun fusion culture all over Miami, and we suggest you check them out! Skinny Buddha has been a huge fan, following their success and progress over many moons. We will admit, we enjoy and crave to support new innovative sounds and colors. ArtOfficial noticeably redefines both, bringing a fresh flavorful array of the senses to all of humankind.


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If you are interested in getting the full scoop on ArtOfficial, make sure to peep their website: With over 300 different types of videos: from music videos, to archives, interviews, to behind the scenes rooftop jams, they are sure to keep you on your toes in entertainment. Also give them a follow on insta! @ArtOfficialmusic.