Wow. How lucky are we ? To co-create with one another; expanding, exploring and supporting within our community of local- talented individuals. Sailboat Bend Art Festival is exactly what this co-creation represents.

josh tiktin

Carefully curated by our humble friend, Josh Tiktin, an artist activist- who has steadily been working on this grand endeavor. As an artist in many different forums, Josh lives and breathes his passion for creating. Whether its holding space for other artists (Dekkagon), events (Sailboat Bend Art Fest), or delving into his own unique work, we acknowledge him for ALL.


Sunday, April 10th from 11 a.m. until 5 pm, Sailboat Bend will be completely transformed into an outdoor gathering~ with contributing artists, clothing vendors, a fashion show, live music (DJ’s)~ unlimited dancing, free yoga and hoola hooping classes, food trucks and more! *This is a FREE event*watermap2space








For those that are not aware: Sailboat Bend is located near downtown, Fort Lauderdale and considered one of the many “hidden gems” that is slowly becoming more and more recognized as these events take place. Starting in 2008, Sailboat bend has offered subsidized lofts at a discounted rate for ARTISTS- including studio space.


*A little further about this neighborhood opportunity~ for all thriving artists: Current residents interview applicants and score them based on their art portfolio and what they can contribute to the community. The idea is to keep the place diverse with photographers, writers, painters, sculptors, and arts educators. The wait to get in typically lasts from two weeks to up to a year, depending on turnover and available space. Currently, a one-bedroom goes for $825, two bedrooms cost $987, and three bedrooms are $1,141. Depending on what size apartment they want, residents’ salaries cannot exceed certain limits. So, an individual wanting to move into a one-bedroom cannot make more than $33,000.They can continue to stay as long as they meet the desired requirements.*

Skinny Buddha is proud to announce we will be PRESENT at this beautiful, first-time- event and encourage you to come out, bring your families, bring your animals, bring YOUR BEST SELF! : ) Get ready to enjoy a great day …spring time shining in South Florida.

With love- Skinny Buddha and the rest of the crew.