Hailing from Rochester, New York, 28-year-old Brandon Koek has a vast amount of life experience that contributes to his craft. From living in Germany for four years to earning his BFA from the University of Buffalo, there is no shortage of cultural influence in his art.

Although Koek said he doesn’t narrow his vision to one particular medium, his main focuses are mixed media applied to glass and graphic design.

Koek said he doesn’t think there is a way to pinpoint exactly when he became an artist. His craft took off when he was very young and developed at a rapid rate once Koek hit high school.

After spending four years in Hamburg, Germany, Koek credited the “extreme graphic style of the advertising as well as the street art” to some of his milestones as an artist.

The University of Buffalo played a major role in Koek’s development as well. He was met with challenges from nationally recognized artists, who also happened to be his professors

“They molded me into the artist I am today by pushing me hard to break out of my comfort zone and taught me many important lessons,” Koek told Skinny Buddha.

After his travels, Koek returned to his hometown of Rochester. But the art scene was not thriving. Koek took his best friend up on an offer to move to Fort Lauderdale. That was three years ago.

“Other than missing family and friends, I have no regrets,” Koek said about the move.

He works full time as a graphic designer, but gets his personal projects in when he can. Koek’s work is famed throughout south Florida and he attends art events as a vendor on a regular basis, showcasing his work and sharing his brand.

Koek’s inspiration comes from nature and a desire to connect the present to the past. He said he loves the idea of creating something by hand that appears to be produced by a computer.

He coins David Carson and Tristan Eaton as two of his favorite artists.

Koek’s future aspiration is to launch an artist collective in Broward County where artists can rely on an affordable studio space with exposure and networking.

But the grind of an artist is constant. However, it’s a pleasurably mandatory one for Koek.

“Creating art is something that I have to do, it is an outlet for me personally but also a way to play and discover,” Koek said. “I am always looking for new material to paint on, or old books to get inspiration from. It’s a 24/7 process.”


Koek will reveal his latest work at the Fort Lauderdale Art Walk on Saturday, July 26. For more information on the art walk, click here.

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