Music Showcase – Uzi

Street art by – Rolando Chang Barrero Introducing Miramar, Florida’s very own, Uzi. Born and raised in south Florida, Uzi brings a unique flavor of hip hop to the current scene. Highly energetic, spastic, and rapid fire are just a few words to describe his...

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Valentines Day Red Sale!

Its almost V-Day and love is in the air! If love isn’t in your  air space  then at least we have a good sale for you to celebrate.  We are having a special V-Day sale on both of our classic red styles, The Classic Red Tank Top and The Classic Red Buddha Tree...

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SNIPTEASE workshops in Miami

Have you ever tried taking a pair of scissors to a tshirt, and ended up with a piece of fabric only suitable for rags? You are not alone. Scissor extraordinare and owner of Sniptease clothing company, Melodie Blaize, is hosting a few fun workshops to give creative...

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The Hoy Polloy Presents “Houdini”

“We tend to like it when people judge a book by its cover” replies Hoy Polloy frontman and co-founder K Sos, “It makes it more gratifying to blow their minds with something they didn’t expect.” The band is all set to release their new EP “Ferret Winter” on their label...

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Bluelucy Nails It With Twiggy Mural

The 600 Block’s Bluelucy has done it again by adding a seriously amazing mural in the notorious alley of art nearby. As one of Downtown St. Petersburg’s favorite blocks, the art-filled street has certainly had a makeover of sorts. According to Creative Loafing, Chad...

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Are You A Skinny Buddha?

Print this PDF, take an epic selfie with it and share it on social media with the hashtag #IAmASkinnyBuddha. Show the world that you not only aspire to greatness, but that you’re actually working towards it.  Because at Skinny Buddha, that’s what this whole life thing...

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3D Tattoos: Trending, Mind Blowing

According to The San Fransisco Globe, 3D tattoos are on the rise and so are the artists behind them. Optical illusions and visions from both client and tattoo artist make for a killer combination in a variety of pieces from around the net. Tell us, if you were going...

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Brandon Koek: Artist, Designer, Genius

  Hailing from Rochester, New York, 28-year-old Brandon Koek has a vast amount of life experience that contributes to his craft. From living in Germany for four years to earning his BFA from the University of Buffalo, there is no shortage of cultural influence in...

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