Raised in the exotic “jungle streets” of Lima, Peru, visionary artist Chris Dyer, is known for his EXPLOSIVE psychedelic, graffiti expressions. By explosive, I mean- monumental murals that ‘blow up’ for their immensely detailed, outrageously colorful and positive imagery.


The soul-FULL-ness, in itself is infectious, as people are in awe, and certainly moved by his exhibits around the world. Currently based out of Montreal, Canada, he is shifting the paradigm of multi-cultural artistic aesthetics (say that 5 times fast), by merging the layers of creativity with spirituality ~ through colors and graphics.




Not only does he use walls (street art) as his major canvas, but has also been featured on skateboards, clothing, books, movies and magazines. As an avid globetrotter, Chris enjoys reaching out to different aspiring artists and collaborating! With his conscious, charismatic nature, these experiences have helped him gain major “street cred” wherever his journey takes him.



He recently did this mural for Moksha, during 2015 Art basel in Miami- we were stoked to meet him!


Artist Statement- 

“My goal is to express my soul honestly and heal my own human suffering. My humble visions of my imaginary realities in turn are a small contribution of my higher mission of helping the world evolve into a more positive one. I want to introduce visionary art to other urban cultures I interact with, like skateboarding and graffiti, since they don’t see much spiritual themes there. I find preaching to the choir a bit too comfy, I rather explore and go against the grain with something original and unique. Either way all is blessed and fun so I give thanks!”



Dyer has released a hardcover art book by Schiffer Publications as well as a full feature documentary by Dreamtime Cinema.

Make sure to check out his distinctive artwork- ideal for emerging artists, fans of street art, visionary and psychedelic art as well as collectors!