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Yesterday marked one MONTH since we’ve lost 49 beautiful souls to a dogmatic and arbitrary act.

I say WE, because, not only did this affect the community of Orlando Florida, but has seeped into the anima (soul) of individuals all across the g l o b e. It has always fascinated me how it takes a fatal instance to drive people into awareness of IDENTITY. Why are we still walking in a state of perpetual stereotypes and denial?

IMG_1202What has long been a sensitive and controversial topic, has NOW created a sense of urgency to dissolve this extremity of separation.

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Hearts are on the line.

As we allow ourselves to open deeper and feel what arises, healing takes place in many shapes and forms.

Artists have taken this opportunity, to use this powerful fuel (as done for centuries), as a tool to transmute their emotions. Three miami artists apply this exact soul prescription, loud and clear in Wynwood, Miami.

Luis Valle, Pedro Amos and Jona Cerwinske have united to colorfully portray their own expression of how this event has impacted their lives -and how they choose to intentionally spread love, in remembrance.

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Luis Valle


Luis Valle (left), Pedro Amos (center), Jona Cerwinske (right)


The entire back wall of the O Cinema building, now stands as a kinetic mural. Vibrationally pulsing from within the art ~ into the collective consciousness of bystanders ~ and as a result, into the empathetic heart of our city.

“At the start, we were going to work with the LGBT flag, but right away I noticed that it was a problem affecting all of humanity, not only gays,”  – Pedro Amos said in recent interview with EFE.


Pedro Amos

Along with this prideful, expansive heart, also lies the 49 names of each individual whose life was innocently taken the evening of June 12, 2016.

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“I wanted to give each name individuality, a different color and writing to the people who died, so that neither the memory of those people, nor that horror, is ever forgotten,” -Amos

Paint, write, dance, make music, speak UP. This is the time to use your creative talents and apply them to what is happening in your community; a peaceful proposition. WE are here to support you, and most definitely encourage you – if you feel called to – use that driving passion and activist within. Make a positive impact around you, the best way you know how to, during these wavering times.

Most of all, choose LOVE.


Miami loves you Orlando!