Alejandra Estefanía Miami ArtistAlejandra Estefanía Miami ArtistAlejandra Estefania Rodriguez was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1989. She moved to the United States at the age of four with her mother and brother. She lived in North Carolina until attending The Miami International University of Art & Design. Alejandra is an active artist as well as an art therapist and tutor for children with special needs. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in 2014. She is currently living in Miami, Florida.
Artist Statement:
“A majority of my work is highly influenced by books, quotes, and original poems. These words, these linguistic art forms, are some of the most beautiful and creatively stimulating pieces that I have ever come upon. Through reading them, I found my vision and most importantly, I found the icon of my own personal Style. My girl, my nameless girl, represents the moment in our lives when we realize that beauty is not external but truly and purely internal. That being an attractive person comes from compassion, humor, intellect, naturalness, strength, and self-awareness. Her figure is full and fluid, a constant motion of realness and humility.  Each piece is a reflection of the inner conversations we all have. The struggles we face to be honest with ourselves, desires we have, our doubts, our darkness and our light, our attempts to be perfect only to learn that there is beauty in failure. She is the carrier of all these thoughts and she shows us how to live in forgiveness and embrace the color of this world. She is the strongest being I’ve ever come upon. My girl, my nameless girl, lives in the adversity that we all go through and how we survive vibrantly through them. “