Mural at Boynton Beach Art District

Rolando Chang Barrero  on  skinnybuddha

Rolando Chang Barrero does not stand still for very long. The marketing genius who single handedly rebranded the City of Boynton Beach, from a crime statistic between Boca and West Palm Beach to the home of Broward and Palm Beach County’s Best Art Walk and Best Exhibition in 2014 is now working his magic in Lake Worth and West Pam Beach.

Rolando, graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with honors and the Ryerson Fellowship, is a working artist and recipient of a Congressional Letter of Commendation for his work as an advocate for children’s education in the arts

The brainchild behind the successes of the Boynton Beach Art District and his ActivistArtistA Gallery has recently opened his second gallery, Rolando Chang Barrero Fine Art Gallery at 711 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth. The grand opening of the gallery in late November proved he would be a major asset the Lucerne Avenue…of course a bit of area rebranding is currently in the works.  He thinks “Luxury on Lucerne” has a nice ring to it!

His pet project is Art Synergy, which he co-founded with Craig McInnis about 16 months ago.  Art Synergy is the producer of “ARTWEEK” -Palm Beach County’s largest most attended arts festival that spans through 9 art districts, and 5 cities for 1 week during January.

Painting: America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful (AF Series)Photo Credit: Edwin Fairchild