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Promote, share, spread the creative love. That’s what our mission is here at Skinny Buddha. We are so passionately invested in the art scene, that it makes our hearts smile to see talented artist’s not only feel the support, but also thrive in the art world. We are always looking for new inspiration and imagination to fuel our clothing company. We are a solid, dedicated team of individuals who choose our lifestyles based on our aspirations, and in the process, admire others who do too! These are the type of people we want to call in, to join our ever- expanding team.

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Right now, Skinny Buddha is seeking to create a network of artists to work with. Submit your favorite work to us and a little bio about your artist journey, so we can feature you on our blog and/ or instagram post’s. If applicable, we would eventually use your concept for future shirt design, as well! This is done on a review and approve process, but do not hesitate – send your artwork resumes to

Tag us in your posts on Instagram that you’d like for us to see and share.

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We really appreciate our friends and family that have been there with us, throughout this epic journey. Understanding our message, and consistently showing up to be involved! We recognize you, and we honor you.

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Please reach out! Even if you’re just simply feeling the love and want to kick it at our next event. It means the world to us at Skinny Buddha – to have good community and prospering visionaries.