In your search, and your journey of self-expression, do you find yourself becoming more conscious of the origin and intention behind your accessories?

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 Do you find inspiration and a sense of pride in the companies you choose to support? Is your self-expression an extension of your love and hope for the world?

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Among the conscious businesses emerging to support this call to action is, ‘Trinkets For D’.
A locally~ hand-crafted, jewelry company on an incredible mission! Bringing awareness to autism, by giving insight through personal experiences of autism and supporting others journeys through this, as well.

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It all began with Aida’s outlet for creating > which in turn became a passionate skill set. She prayerfully, transforms curated jewelry pieces from India, Thailand and Indonesia. Re-designing them into eclectic pieces while complimenting her own personal style. Aida will make arrangements to pick up any unwanted jewelry from your location. *Costume jewels included. A sort of recycling- treasure hunt out of “trash”- process.

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‘Trinkets For D’ is a family owned business with INTENTION. Seeking to be expressed through this mindful, artisanship. Created for a purpose! Advocating a conjoint representation- Selling loving adornment while bringing attention to a severely perplexed ..yet unspoken for topic that is becoming more prevalent in today’s age of wellness.

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For more information on ‘Trinkets For D’, visit their story
Aida (mother and designer) is happily open to answer any following questions that those may have, regarding autism and further resources.FullSizeRender


Here, you can also find the updated calendar of events ~ to personally share your support with them and of course check out their latest, unique creations!

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