We are happy to announce the drop of our two new T-shirt colors!~

Mint “Chocolate Chip”

The mint “Chocolate Chip” is our original Skinny Buddha logo, and there is no better feeling than to see our fans wearing these shirts out on the town! This gives us reassurance that our message is reaching the masses- spreading like wildfire. If you didn’t know, Skinny Buddha is not only based on our one-of-a kind T-shirt designs, but also promoting creative minds. Every shirt has a unique symbolic meaning; as we collaborate with different perspective (emerging) artists in our community to create them.


Purple “Inked Buddha”


The purple “Inked Buddha”, by artist Nick Beery, was inspired through today’s ever- changing tattoo cultural status. Infusing pigment imagination with this T-shirt design is our visionary style of acknowledging tattoo artists, and it’s growing acceptance in the “fine-art” world. With such talented dedication towards empowering body self- expression, Skinny Buddha honors this work and is enthused to reinforce the tattoo movement!