Beyond ego, and beyond an audience.. there is an invocation of soul relation~ that is always present and ready to be expressed through us.

@chris_dyer in Wynwood

@chris_dyer in Wynwood

“Art” can come in many shapes and sizes, being a translucent medium, we channel it’s form. When engaged with YOUR unique artistic ability, there is a meditative aspect that naturally emerges. This response is what fuels us to create, birthing passion and love. Once we realize we can all relate to this, a social movement is awakened! We unite in our freedom of will, and oneness to the greater good of society.


@artbycheeta at Zen Awakening Festival

Skinny Buddha is driven by this profound unity. Watching those reach a higher state of consciousness through a lifestyle of art enthusiasm. YES! We are waking up to this new reality ~ inner-standing WE have the power to create abundance with our art form. All over the country, events/ festivals and other gatherings are taking place, holding space for those to build and share their artistic skill sets. This is where we join forces and open the portal of endless possibilities. Connect with us, we want to know what you’re striving towards!

Work doesn’t have to feel like a “tolerable” engagement anymore, when it involves doing what you LOVE.


Zen Awakening Festival


Woodyfest Benefit Event


On behalf of the Skinny Buddha team, we support your journey!